When you are working at your workstation/desk with your computer, you might notice that your neck and maybe your lower back are hurting.  The immediate thought is what did I do to hurt them? Flashes of your activities over the last several days run through your mind.  Did I lift wrong?  Did I sleep wrong?  Did I get too carried away in softball or racquetball?  Was it riding my bike?

If you spend more than three to four hours a day working at your computer, it could be the way you are interacting with it!  You may be a Turtle!  What is a Turtle?  It is a small animal with a hard shell.  Well that is correct but not really what I am talking about – completely.  It is likely that you are leaning forward in your chair with your head up – like a turtle.  This is a very common issue.  When you lean forward you are placing a lot of pressure on your lower back which can lead to discomfort and/or pain. When this happens people typically also hold their head up – like a Turtle.  This part of the posture can cause discomfort and/or pain in your neck.  It looks like the picture at the top of this article.

The situation is typically easily corrected.  Move your computer monitor closer to you!  This action will typically “push” you back upright against the back of your chair and straighten your neck out like the picture below. Presto!  You should soon feel the discomfort in your back and neck begin to feel better.

If you are working with a laptop you can add an external monitor plugged into the laptop or you can add an external keyboard and mouse and a laptop holder like the
Goldtouch, Nextstand or the Slimstand. You can find a number of them on Amazon.