Check out these four great Ergonomics videos. The videos are located at both HP and Herman Miller’s websites.

To Thrive, Change Up Your Posture: Work Better, See Better, Sit Better, Move Better

Wayne, William, and Cynthia make a tremendous amount of sense (what we’d like to think of as common sense). But how often do we lose sight of common sense? We get focused on our task and forget to listen to our body. Then what happens? We find our self in horrible posture. More and more we are finding highly adjustable furniture in modern office but people either forget to adjust or don’t know how to adjust their equipment.

I have worked with Cynthia and the M-erg team for over a year in Houston helping clients learn how to adjust their furniture and learn how to add dynamic activity to their otherwise sedentary jobs.

Watch the videos and share them with coworkers, friends, and family. Add some motion to your day. Your body with thank you for it. And so will your productivity.

The longest video is 2minutes 20seconds making it easy to watch all four.

This article was originally published to LinkedIn.
Written by Thomas Rowell, Certified Professional Ergonomist and Ergonomics Consultant at Ergo Squad